• The Intentional Investor eBook Series

  • Have you always dreamed about making a fortune in real estate? Well, now’s your chance to build your real estate portfolio before interest rates go into hyperdrive.

    This may be the best time ever to buy investment property. Interest rates are at historic lows, so financing a property is more affordable than ever. Better yet, home prices are still down 20 to 40 percent, and are hovering at levels last seen in 2003.

    Now’s the time to make your move and Ilyce Glink's latest Intentional Investor Webinar & eBook series gives you a clear road map to help you become wildly successful in real estate. In this 9-part series, she shares:

      • What it takes to be a real estate investor;
      • How to identify and understand unique investment opportunities;
      • How to build a real estate team that will fight for you every step of the way;
      • How to buy and sell property tax-free;
      • How to understand value and pricing and make them work for you;
      • How to develop a winning strategy that pays you profits for years to come.

    Most importantly, you'll understand what mistakes investors commonly make (and how they cause you to lose money) -- so you can avoid them.

    The 9-part eBook series includes the following eBooks with more than 200 pages of information, tips and insider secrets.

    You won’t want to miss tips, tricks and inside information from Ilyce, and her group of expert investors, attorneys, tax specialists and 1031 exchange owners:

    1. 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges (36 pages)
    2. Finding Great Tenants & Managing Your Property (27 pages)
    3. How to Hold Title to Investment Property (24 pages)
    4. Top Tax Tips for Real Estate (27 pages)
    5. Top 9 Tips for Real Estate Investors (31 pages)
    6. How to Finance Residential & Commercial Property (19 pages)
    7. How Do the Numbers Work for Real Estate Investors (28 pages)
    8. Real Estate Law: 10 Things You Need to Know (29 pages)
    9. The Closing (15 pages)

    All this information, expertise and guidance is available to you in an instantly accessible way. Simply purchase the Intentional Investor Complete Series, and you will be sent a link that allows you to view your videos and ebooks. Get the best information there is on real estate investing from the most trusted name in consumer real estate. Ilyce Glink has been helping buyers, sellers and investors make smarter decisions with their money and real estate for more than 20 years. Shouldn’t you let her help you, too?

    Buy all 9 eBooks together and saving 11% off the individual list price. View the eBooks individually.


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