• Real Estate Minutes

  • Video has changed the Internet. If you want to reach people online, video is the key:

    1. YouTube is now the second most popular search engine.
    2. Over 40% of Internet users watch videos.
    3. Videos can increase website visits by over 50%.

    And now you can add high-quality, professional-produced videos on all aspects of home buying and home ownership to your website.

    Ilyce Glink, a well-known expert on real estate and personal finance who provides nononsense, practical advice to millions of American everyday through her nationally syndicated columns, radio show and bestselling books, now offers Real Estate Minutes.

    Real Estate Minutes are exactly that: one minute videos on topics like getting the best mortgage rate, the top ten things to look for when buying a house, and what to do if an appraisal fails.

    Adding these videos to your website will make your traffic soar as clients come back again and again to learn more about home buying and home ownership.

    What is Seller Disclosure?
    Do you know what a seller disclosure is? Learn more about what sellers should disclose on today’s Real Estate Minute with Ilyce Glink.

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    You can add this video series to your website easily using our widget. Ten new videos will be added to the series each month. Just paste the code we provide into the web pages where you want it to appear and it will automatically display the 25 most recent Real Estate Minutes along with a list of the 10 most popular.

    Save an ADDITIONAL $1,000 off a 12 month subscription
    if purchased by October 31, 2013.
    Use promo code 12MONTHS at checkout.

    Please Note: Widget code will be emailed to the billing email address once the purchase is completed. Licensing is valid for the length of the subscription. Renewal reminders will be emailed one week before the expiration of the license.

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  • Real Estate Minutes
  • Real Estate Minutes
  • Real Estate Minutes

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